pssst. You get FREE installation with all first time purchases of
Candi by Candi & Co. wigs and 2 weave-bundles

Now here’s more about our the range….

Candi by Candi & Co. is a Hair Extension Range that’s more than just hair. its a lifestyle!

For the woman who only wants the best, no questions asked. To the woman who wants the look without breaking the bank. We have something for everyone…. weave bundles, wig-making, lace-wigs, closures, clip-ons, tape-ins and so much more.

At Candi&Co. we have worked with suppliers with over 20 years experience to find the highest grade from the deepest part of India to a hair-grade that suits your pocket. This range has been in development for over 2 years and with discussions with over 2000 Candi&Co. woman we know what you want. Like Nicki Minaj & Beyonce sing about feeling yourself, we believe all woman after wearing the Candi by Candi&Co. hair extension range will leave you “feeling themselves”. To add a little more sweetness we will spoil you to FREE installation with all first time purchases of wigs and 2 weave-bundles  

AND NOW… The Candi by Candi&Co. hair extension range is finally available to you.

Candi&Co. Hair extension range that’s more than just hair, its a lifestyle

We Promise

– Natural Looking… more barbie-doll looks
– Tangle-Free… more tangling with our care instructions
– Shed-Free… more hair trails left behind
– Customised style…..styles to suit you
– Free Installation… more bee-hives, just star-studded installations

Our Installation Mantra

– Our Mantra is that hair should always look like its yours, no cotton stick-outs, weft peak-outs and laces-front visibility.
– Hair Extensions should always be installed to look like your own.
– We dont use wool, only nylon cotton. Why? Wool is thick and due to this retains dirt and contaminates easily. Say NO, to poor installations.