About Us

Braids, curls, twists, knots, weaves, relaxers, boosters, shampoos and conditioners, consultation, education and good vibrations . This is us. We’re an all-type-hair-type salon that specialises in ethnic hair.

Candi & Co is South Africa’s first franchised ethnic hair salon that delivers world class hair-care services and products that are accessible, affordable and authentically beautiful.  We understand the woman that has been through it all: the pulling, the breaking, the burning, the schlepping. Oh the schlepping!

We don’t believe in back and forth. We’re all about getting what you want and need. Right here, right now.

We have trained ethnic hair experts that will guide you through the do’s and the don’ts  – and the YOU MUST NEVA’s – of ethnic hair services and products.

And service excellence with a smile? Yip. That’s us too.

Candi & Co is your happy, healthy hair fix for the day, week, month and year.  And we share the L.O.V.E with your tots. We’re all about healthy hair for kids. Your kids. So bring ‘em along, mamma.

All our hair products are 100% approved and certified, including hair weaves and extensions. We use only the best, because that’s what your hair deserves: L’Oreal, Redken, Ladine, Inoar, Indique and Isis.

Candi & Co is the confident and proud younger sister of South Africa’s best loved beauty salon, Sorbet (est 2005). Built to serve its communities with passion and value for money, Candi & Co promises an inclusive salon experience (psst! we do your nails too!)

But it really isn’t “about us”. It’s about you, and your do.


We at Candi & Co believe in:

  • Hairducation

    We believe in hair education & will help you know your hair so you can master your hair

  • De-racialise Hair

    We believe in hair types as all types are our types, especially Ethnic

  • Healthy Love

    We believe in protecting, nurturing and loving your natural hair

  • Home Styling the Right Way

    We believe in DIY & want to teach you the ropes of do-it-yourself home hair-care & styling

  • Myth Busters

    We believe in long hair…..Who said black hair can’t be long? They lied. We will show you how

  • Natural Hair is Going Places

    We believe in natural. Don’t limit your hair. Your afro can be styled in so many fabulous ways

  • Natural Ingredients

    We believe in natural ingredients as they are best for your hair growth journey

  • Relax Wisely

    We believe Relaxing is not bad for you if (and only if) applied in a healthy way by a professional

  • Straight Hair can be Healthy Hair

    We believe in Straight hair without harsh chemicals. It works, beautifully

  • Weave the Right Way

    We believe in flawless weaves & extensions. BUT there are rules…must be 100% hair, applied correctly, washed regularly & removed every 6 weeks

  • Lace&Wigs…Will Never Die

    We believe that bad hair days are a reality. So invest in quick fixes like lace and wigs

  • Treasure Kids’ Young Hair

    We believe kids hair should be treasured. No chemicals, no Pulling, just TLC

  • Love your Hair

    We believe in hair. WE LOVE YOUR HAIR: Hug it. Kiss it. Own it.