KIDS Products & Tips

YOUNG START. BEST RESULTS. Give your children the hair they deserve with Candi & Co’s healthy hair service and treatments. Our kid’s menu offers a range of expert haircuts and styles to suit the house rules – and the school rules. We’ll guide you on what’s right and wrong when it comes to their hairducation. Ask about our young tricks and trends too. We’ve got answers. So your little You will grow up to be a “Happy Me”. Oh, we love young hair.

Kids Tips:

Step 1 : Brush knots out before shampoo using a hair detangler product. Brush hair from tips to roots in very small sections to prevent breakage and tension.

Step 2: Wash hair with Sulphate free shampoo and then rinse

Step 3: Use a Leave in conditioner and brush hair again from tips to roots. Do not rinse

Step 4: Dry hair and a hair detangler product can be used again

Step 5: Apply leave in oil or treatment and style.

FOR DRY SCALP: Ladine scalp treatment is our fave and for hair loss Ladine Hair Renewal is awesome.

Our favourite 5 Kiddies Products

Tangle Teezer

Ladine Hair Softener

Mizani Miracle Milk

III Sisters Conditioner

III Sisters Shampoo